Welcome to Crypto Buddies

Collection of 3,000 unique Buddy NFTs living in a fantasy cyber world on the Solana blockchain. Everyone needs a loyal friend who will support each of your crypto decisions, defend you from scammers and give you a boost for gas wars. Moreover, this collection looks amazing!

Each Buddy is different in its own way, some more rare than other. But one thing’s guaranteed: There will only ever be 3,000 Buddies NO LESS and NO MORE


We would like to present to you our near plans:



Every 25% we will share special gifts for random Buddy owners depends on sale stage (100 SOL for 100 Holder)

Buddy’s support

Your Crypto Buddy is not just a friend but your booster. The more Buddies you have the more your profit. If you have a Buddy you definitely get special rewards:

  • 70% of ALL royalties from trading will be sent back to holders on a weekly basis

  • Airdrop of a random Buddy from the market once a month


Frequently Asked Questions